HOTEL Arbitrage

Tailored specifically for resorts and hotels aiming to optimize their occupancy rates, Realtevo Partners offers a comprehensive solution designed to seamlessly integrate short-term rentals into your business strategy. Our commitment to efficiency and collaboration initiates with a straightforward yet binding agreement between both parties, granting us permission to list your available rooms on our specialized short-term rental portals.

In this collaborative venture, the hotel becomes an active participant in the process, providing us with hourly updates on room availability. This real-time reporting ensures accurate and up-to-date information, allowing us to effectively manage bookings and maximize occupancy. Our streamlined approach guarantees a hassle-free experience for both the hotel and our guests.

Upon receiving a booking, we promptly reserve the designated room for our guest, facilitating a seamless check-in and check-out process through clear communication with the hotel. The guest experience mirrors that of any other hotel guest, ensuring a consistent and positive encounter throughout their stay.

Realtevo Partners believes in a mutually beneficial partnership. To align our interests, we implement a transparent profit-sharing model, retaining a modest 10% share from each booking. This collaborative approach fosters a symbiotic relationship, ensuring both parties thrive in the realm of short-term rentals.

Elevate your hotel's revenue potential with Realtevo Partners, where precision, transparency, and shared success are the cornerstones of our collaboration. We look forward to the opportunity to enhance your occupancy rates and contribute to the overall success of your resort or hotel. Choose Realtevo Partners for a strategic partnership that maximizes your property's potential in the dynamic landscape of short-term rentals.


As a key aspect of our partnership, you are entrusted with managing all minor maintenance duties and maintaining a pristine environment by handling professional cleaning services after each guest's stay. Committed to upholding the highest standards for your property, we conduct a thorough guest screening process, prioritizing corporate clients and individuals within our organization.

Our dedication extends to diligently enforcing your hotel's specific rules. We understand the importance of consistency and adherence to your established standards, seamlessly integrating these guidelines into our listings. This ensures that prospective guests are well-informed about and respect the unique rules and regulations of your hotel, fostering a harmonious and respectful environment for all patrons.

At Realtevo Partners, we view every aspect of property management as an opportunity to enhance the overall guest experience and uphold the reputation of your establishment. Trust us not only to address maintenance and cleaning needs but also to maintain a level of professionalism that aligns seamlessly with your hotel's identity.